Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New (used) saddle fail

I've been shopping new jumping saddles, but have been at the mercy of what is available in my budget at the local tack shop. I stopped by on a whim last Thursday and found... drum roll please... a Pessoa for $300!!! Some minor issues from regular wear and tear, but seriously, only $300? I don't know a ton about the different models, and maybe this started out life on the lower end, but it seemed like a great deal for me if it worked. "If it worked out" was the problem.

It fit me great! Loved it. It fit Lola alright. She seemed to go fine in it. There was as a little bit of dry hair under the wet saddle pad that made me question it though. But on Bear, it was a total fail. I didn't even need to go in to the saddle fitter to decide. Not nearly enough wither clearance. Sat right on top of his withers in fact!

Oh well... guess I'm waiting for the next great deal!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A moment of cuteness to brighten anyone's day!

So the question is... will I ever think the baby is cuter than the horse?? Does that maternal instinct kick in at some point and give me the desire to pinch chubby cheeks? For now I just want to pet the pony! And I'd rather scoop poop than change a diaper any day!

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