Sunday, March 25, 2012

Postponing the excitment


two carefully planned rides to prep for the show (Friday trail ride to take the edge of, and Saturday lesson to put the finishing touches on the tests),

cleaning tack,

packing, packing and more packing,

two weeks of memorizing, visualizing, walking, and riding my two tests,

subjecting my husband to non-stop dressage chatter to deal with my horse-show-eve nerves,

truding into the "layered cake pants"- nylons, white breeches, outer pants to get dirty between 4am and the 8am ride time,

leaving the house at 4:15am (yes AM!),

getting down the freeway 30 minutes I THEN get the call...


At least I hadn't woken the poor beast yet.

Oh, well, off to enjoy a slightly rainy trail ride instead. I can start the whole deal all over again soon, the rain date will be April 15th. Hmm... wonder if I my hubby will mind if I just leave the truck "horse-show-packed" for the next three weeks? I guess the food will go bad... ;p

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rain, rain, go away, come again.... next winter?

For months, I've been jam packing my horse goals into March and April, because I have some extra income to pay for it currently. What does the weather decide to do? Make up all of the rain if forgot to give us all fall and winter and throw it down in torrential sheets, hail, and snow all in the few weeks in needed to do the final prep! UHG!

The dressage trainer has a covered arena, so I've been trailering out there each weekend to get a lesson (and a dry place to ride). In the mean time, I'm making lemonade of the flooded corner of the arena, and we are pretending it is a water feature.

So one last lesson today, a whole lot of prep and packing, and at some point late afternoon I'll know if the show for tomorrow is on or cancelled. We'll be trying out Intro Test C and BN Test A. Hoping for a sanity, really that is all. No prancing giraffe, that's all I ask.

Then next weekend we're trying out a cross-rail class at a local H/J schooling show. Problem is last week was meant to be our first real jumping lesson, and both attempts were rained out. We're now set for Tuesday night, but that's not looking good either! For that matter, next weekend will probably pour, so I might not have a show to prep for!

The real goal with all of this is a two day horse trial at the end of April. I was hoping to have the test already run through one and start taming our horse show course nerves at least a month out.

Ho hum. I had it so well planned.

I guess its a wait and see!