Sunday, July 8, 2012

So much fun, so little time

I have had a marvelous week off of riding after an extremely busy week of riding before that!

A few days camping, fantastic fireworks, followed by a few days up by Tahoe was all the R&R I needed after a grueling and over-booked week of riding.

It went something like this:

Friday: Jump school at home (we pulled out all the fun stuff!)
Saturday: Pick up a friend's horse for quick trail ride
Sunday: Lesson with dressage trainer
Monday: I had evening plans so he did get a day off!
Tuesday: Jump lesson with a new trainer
Wednesday: Hour and a half of hilly trails (walking)
Thursday: New half-leaser had jump lesson on him (I still had to take him there, but got a riding break)
Friday: Hauled to clinic location and just lunged a bit before he got dinner
Saturday: Cross country clinic- roads & tracks pacing practice in the morning, and cross country schooling in the afternoon
Sunday: Roads & Tracks course at 250 (got it spot on!) Followed by my elementary/bn course where I came in about 2 minutes over the time! (I did get lost, slowed up for a temper tantrum about another horse, and then had to re-approach the scary BN sized stadium oxer that was the last fence.)

By the end of it all I was beat! So I got a break, while the new half-leaser got to do what ever she wanted with Mr. Bear this week. I am so glad to have stumbled across this fantastic rider! She'll be riding him about half the time (more when I'm gone, and less if I have a competition), and since I can't afford to compete much, there will be plenty of opportunity for her to take him to a few horse trials before the end of the season too! It is TOUGH to keep an eventing horse in tip-top shape! Even tougher when you work 40+ hours a week and try to spend time with a new husband! So knowing that he is still getting out on days that I can't get out there is such a relief.

We're looking forward to some more fun later this week!