Sunday, March 25, 2012

Postponing the excitment


two carefully planned rides to prep for the show (Friday trail ride to take the edge of, and Saturday lesson to put the finishing touches on the tests),

cleaning tack,

packing, packing and more packing,

two weeks of memorizing, visualizing, walking, and riding my two tests,

subjecting my husband to non-stop dressage chatter to deal with my horse-show-eve nerves,

truding into the "layered cake pants"- nylons, white breeches, outer pants to get dirty between 4am and the 8am ride time,

leaving the house at 4:15am (yes AM!),

getting down the freeway 30 minutes I THEN get the call...


At least I hadn't woken the poor beast yet.

Oh, well, off to enjoy a slightly rainy trail ride instead. I can start the whole deal all over again soon, the rain date will be April 15th. Hmm... wonder if I my hubby will mind if I just leave the truck "horse-show-packed" for the next three weeks? I guess the food will go bad... ;p

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