Friday, October 24, 2008

The adventure begins...

So August 24th, 2008 I officially bought my own horse! Don't get me wrong I've owned and ridden horses all my life. Like many families, my childhood horses were passed down from my sister or mother as I advanced. Then as a college student I began riding at barns as a working student where I rode whatever lesson horse that was available, and earning my keep working with the youngsters, in-for-training horses, and any and every resale horse. So this is the first horse that I've officially paid for myself, and will also have to foot all the bills for myself. These are the first registration papers with my name on them. Most importantly, this will be the first horse that I will have the responsibility of training all the way through, which is a huge responsibility! But more on that later... Now a little bit about him. His barn name is Bear. He's a two and a half year old gelding. He's out of an appy racing mare who had thoroughbred confirmation but a lovely leopard spotted coat. She has Native Dancer bloodlines, and has been successfully started a new career as an English pleasure mount and broodmare. His sire was breed to be an Appaloosa sport horse, and has had a great start in dressage. He has wonderful foreward movement and a good disposition (BONUS!). He is a great grandson of Secretariat! Both have strong thoroughbred lines, and appy color, and Bear seems to be just exactly what he was bred to be: Tall Dark and Spotty! He is a handsome guy, and although he doesn't have perfect conformation, he is wonderfully athletic, and has such a confident and laid-back personality that I think he could still make a lower level eventer. He naturally does flying lead changes in the pasture, and has great big long strides. And although its not a requirement to success, its so much more fun to have a friendly horse that comes up to you in the pasture for scratches and love. We're off to a good start! Stay tuned for his training progress.

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