Thursday, November 6, 2008

Taking it slow, but doing great!

The picture has nothing to do with today's blog except that he's cute and its Fall!

So after 3 rides of having someone else pony me around on him, Tuesday night we let him off the line a little bit. Tried some circles and turns against the wall, always coming back to the other horse. He was a star! He understands whats being asked of him, and calming complying. So we ended after only a little bit, and kept it all very positive.
Next week we'll get down to business a little bit more, for now I'm just giving him a chance to figure out how to balance himself with someone on his back. Having a couple of chances to trip, slid, climb hills, step over logs with the weight of a rider means he'll be better prepared when he does the same thing and I'm on him alone.
I'm thinking I'll get on in the dressage saddle this weekend. I bet he's going to look much nicer for pictures in the type of tack he's built to wear! Right now he looks a little like someone's going to try to round up cattle while riding a giraffe.

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