Sunday, April 25, 2010

Officially moved...

I am feeling so much better. I found an awesome place to board just 5 minutes from work. Its quite a bit more expensive, but I will actually be saving a ton in gas.

They've got a dressage arena, a big outdoor arena with jumps, a round pen that is big enough that I can have something small and safe for beginner riders, and in indoor arena that is at least big enough to lunge in and keep working through the bad weather. They'll be in a large pen. So no more grazing out in pasture, but that pasture was going to turn to dry weeds soon anyway.

So I am looking forward to the new place! I am only 4 miles from the staging area for some of the most amazing trails in northern California. Literally access to 100 miles of awesome trails, I'm so excited.

I guess thats the first good news on the spotty appy front for awhile! Should be back to work soon.


Nicku said...

Good for you!!! Sounds like my barn, did you move in there :P What facility is it...I somehow forgot you were in norcal too!

TallDarkAndSpotty said...

No... I wish I moved to your barn! Sounds like you're at a nice place with a great trainer! I've taken a step up from the barn in the ghetto to the small farm of dedicated horse mom's working their butts off to pay board. Still small... which is nice. I'm in the foothills up 80 from Sacramento. Sounds like you're in the bay area? I can imagine its even tougher finding a reasonably priced place out there!