Monday, June 20, 2011

When life is multiple choice...

We all have times in our lives where we set up a Plan A and a Plan B, and if we work it just right, we could be equally happy with either. Right now I've got those, plus a Plan C. Yes, its THAT complicated!

Plan A: Lola and I keep working our tails off to prepare to go Beginner Novice at the next Horse Trial in late July. We're on a roll, and I'd love to do it! I really feel we have so much more to prove to each other.

Plan B: Lola sells (one great potential getting her trainer's opinion as we speak) or finds a leaser (one coming out next week to try her) and I get the chance to put ALL my love and attention into the spotty beast. He is MAJORLY out of shape, so that would be our limitation, but he'd be more than capable of trotting logs. His training is far enough along, that with some tune up we could do the same event if we stuck to Elementary. It wouldn't be fantastic, but wouldn't be disastrous either.

Plan C: (This plan is also contingent on a Lola living with another rider.) Instead of launching into another big commitment to training and competing, I take two months to work on me! I am getting married August 13th, and all the plans to work out and get into bikini shape have fallen clear off the priority list! I have friends that I promised to visit, and I can't find a free weekend. And of course I've still got a wedding to plan! I also don't want to take the fun out of my fun horse by putting the pressure on too quick. We'd have a blast just trail riding and starting the occasional dressage lesson this summer. So, for my own sanity, I really should probably stick to that. But where's the fun in being sensible?

Whatever way the plans fall, I will be happy, my horses will be happy, and I'll still manage to get the wedding plans under control before the actual event. It's nice to have options!

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