Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Working equitation

I've been riding my entire life... well almost... a pony at the age of 4 should count for "all my life". As a horse obsessed, kid, teen, college student, and now adult, I have made a life of reading about horses, horse products, horse disciplines of all types and around the world. I've participated in western horsemanship, trail, barrel racing, trail trials, endurance rides, hunter/jumper, IHSA, dressage, and eventing. So when I come across something that I've never heard of, working equitation, I was surprised. But when I looked into it an thought it sounded right up my alley, like it could be the coolest thing that I'd ever not hear of, I was amazed! Its a crazy combination of trail obstacles, jumping, livestock, with lances and all. Seriously, it sounds really fun!

Not sure how I find a place to compete in this obscure discipline, but it would be fun to try to find a way!

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tangerine said...

Ha, just saw your comment - how funny that we both went a bit MIA during the wedding frenzy! At least someone really understands how weddings effect blogging.

I looked over the Equitation thing... that looks so COOL! Its like a combination of everything I think it takes to make a really good horse and rider team. Competing online totally makes it possible too. Now if only my little mare would be able to "confidently cautiously" go for any of the obstacles... I guess there's always something to work on right?