Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On track for Horse Trials 6/16...

So far we are on schedule!

We had a great lesson last Saturday, followed by a Sunday schooling show where we did our due diligence trotting our cross rail course. (My hubby was shocked that I got a second place for such a slow pokey boring course, I told him being in control beats careening though the course just for the sake of cantering!) I think he got video, but not sure it will be worth posting, we'll see!

We had an easy lunge session in vienna reins last night as a bit of a body break, and tonight we nailed a 30 minute workout ride! Got in a walk warm up, some good trot work going both directions and switching directions several times, good canter to the right, stretchy trot to the right, walk break, little more trot work to prep for canter to the left, stretchy trot to the left, and hit the end at 35 minutes. Very effective training, good workout, left me time to get out my friends horse for some rehab walking (she's out of town).

I've got a lovely trail ride scheduled for him tomorrow, so that will be his long walk for the week. Then sadly he will probably sit in pasture doing nothing Thursday through Monday while we're gone for the weekend.

I'm very excited to have jumping lesson number two potentially set for Tuesday evening when I get back! Then cross country schooling on Sunday. That means I'll have two weeks left to practice what we learned before our horse trials debut!

Can't wait!

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