Sunday, August 19, 2012

When life is more exciting than blogging...

Man, oh, man has life been busy!

I have been so looking forward to posting videos, pictures, and all our glorious stories of how we are progressing, and yet I haven't. Why? Because I hardly have time to keep up with all of it! I've just been having too much fun, both at the barn and with non-horsey stuff.

Since our clinic the last weekend of June, we've done several lessons, our first horse trials (only elementary level), a couple cross country schoolings, and basically all the other prep work to be ready to go BN mid September!

While this doesn't sound like much, its been a miracle that I've made it happen considering in the last month and a half I've had my first year anniversary (with trip to San Francisco), been up to Tahoe, down to the Sequoias, and out to Nebraska for a family wedding. Thank goodness I have another rider to share my horse with right now! Made a world of difference.

Many of these exciting milestones deserve their own post. So when I get around to the pictures and videos, I'll be sure to share!

I'm off to our dressage lesson. Wish I didn't have an red-hot-angry-swollen-itchy-ouchy wasp sting on my calf! But the show must go on. At least its not 110 today!

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