Monday, April 1, 2013

The End of an Era

I've reached the end of my time training my sweet and beloved Bear. It's taken a while to finally write about it, but it's time.

I sold him to a very dear friend in February. She had been struggling with her naughty thoroughbred for a while. She finally decided to throw in the towel and make a change. She found a great home for her horse, and made the decision to buy Bear from me. It is so much fun to get to see her actually enjoy her lessons, and make progress. I am super proud that my sweet boy can give her that.

Besides the fact that she'll give him a great home, it is so wonderful to still get to see him all the time. I will still get to watch him compete, and share in celebrating his success.

This means that my blog on Bear has pretty much come to an end. This was always meant to be a training journal more than anything, so I hope to go back and fill in the blanks since I missed posting video and pics of some of our summer fun.

If you're still interested in following my adventures in figuring out how to ride my self trained horse and compete in eventing and dressage, you'll still find stories on my other blog. My training project has turned into my keeper.

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