Saturday, October 13, 2012

Summer is long gone and the blog has missed it all!

What a summer we had! I feel like we were in warp speed all summer prepping for the first horse trials in July (Intro) then the second one in September (BN). It was lesson after lesson, numerous cross country schoolings, running through the dressage test, fitting up, tuning up, and then finally giving up! Why? A nasty cough! Not me... I would have ridden with pneumonia. BEAR caught a cold! So irritating... Bottom line, I'm SUPER proud of our progress this summer. I think it will still be worth going back and posting the half written blogs and all the video and photos that I failed to upload. We went from zero to feeling super confident at Beginner Novice between March and September. That's something to be proud of! We even tackled a few Novice fences while schooling. I'll be sure to have some rainy days coming to get this done. Until then, I am still busy as ever! Winter might be a nice break... In other news, Lola will be coming home from her lease soon! SUPER excited to see her, and get to ride her again after a full year of maturing in her training and athleticism! She's been going well at BN all summer with her junior rider, and they'll be finishing the season at Novice! Very exciting for her. She's back on the market, and I hope to find her a forever home with another junior rider this winter.

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EV said...

Bear looks so pretty in this photo!