Monday, March 15, 2010

Poor neglected Bear...

So I've been realizing just how much I have been neglecting Bear's training lately. I thought I'd have time for two horses, but Lola takes the priority since I'll never sell her if I never train her well enough that I can have people try her out successfully! Although its does seem like lately there is something or other with him that worries about working him anyway.

He had the scratches (grease heel) out break which is at least not spreading, but the scabs are huge and nasty. The same wetness also made his heels so soft that I was afraid to work him.

Then I took him out and lunged him and noticed he coughed twice, seemed odd. I rode him bareback, put him away, and didn't think of it again until I had my sister come out to ride with me and he coughed again. Bad news. For the next week I would go out to the pasture and trot him a few circles, he'd cough, I'd decide not to work him. I'd check his temp, he'd be fine and he'd gobble down his "sloppy". On Thursday I ran huge circles around the pasture trotting him as fast as I could until I had to stop and double over to catch my breath. No cough. Lunge him a little in the arena on Saturday, no cough. Lunged him tonight, walk trot canter, enough that I would imagine I he'd at least be breathing hard. One single cough, but wasn't breathing hard at all. I would hope that means he's back.

Saturday I notice he has two swollen golf ball-like lumps on his throat. (NOT strangles! Everyone relax!) Of course I didn't relax, I called the emergency vet line and made the vet talk me out of my "freak out" diagnosis. Worried about the neck swelling... what's next?

I think I am going to try to work in a vet appointment this week, Saturday I can't work out an after work appointment. He's got balding patches and he's constantly cut up, so I'm guessing he has some major itchy skin going on. I was reading into all the possible "itchy skin" issues, and many referred to secondary injuries and infections due to "self mutilation". Yep, that would fit Bear, he loves a good smack, and I guess if I'm not out there to smack him one, he'll just find a post to cut, bruise, and mutilate himself on! Seriously, I'm selling the wrong horse... but I don't think I could part with him. I'm just hoping this is a horse version of nasty teenage acne!!


Angie said...

I was wondering when you were going to voice the "selling the wrong horse" thought. It is so hard when the horse you are working with is working out so well, that you want to keep them. Even though all along the deal was that you are selling the horse.

If you had the time to work with both for the same amount of time it would probably be different. Also Bear and Lola are at different stages in their training. I think that makes a difference.

I hope you and Bear get his health issues straightened out soon.

TallDarkAndSpotty said...

I laughed when I read your comment! I really have been secretly wondering this for awhile, but felt too guilty to voice it! It wasn't until my boyfriend flat out said, "Are you sure you're keeping the right horse?" that I realized that's how I've been talking.

More than time or training, it is facing a lifetime with a horse that thrives out on grassy pasture but can't get his feet wet that makes me frustrated. We'll get his living situation sorted out someday. Then I'll probably have to move to another climate, and we'll start all over again!