Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where the heck did February go?

Wow... what a month! I wish I could say I was so busy riding my handsome horse that I just didn't have time to post, but I was busy with other stuff, stuff that pays the bills if you get my drift.

Highlights and lows of the fastest 28 days of the year... (I swear it flies by every time!)
  • Good: Bear was ridden by another girl out in the barn! Great to have some one else on him.
  • Bad: Bear has scratches, ie: super grunge skin condition from too wet conditions.
  • Good: He stood quietly while I scrubbed up his ankles, dried them, and clipped them.
  • Bad: I suck with the clippers, and it sort of looks like what a 4 year old does to their bangs when they get a hold of scissors.
  • Good: The nasty scabby grunge hasn't come back.
  • Bad: His coronet band (peripole I think?) is so wet and squishy all the way around that its starting to separate from his hoof and I'm really concerned about his feet.
  • Good: I've been tying him in the barn while I ride Lola so that his feet dry out at least for an hour, and low and behold, the boy doesn't act like godzilla hooked to a tie rail anymore. Or at least not as much.
  • Bad: He's got blanket rubs on his shoulders again this year!
  • Good: I swapped the horses blankets and since it fits differently they are getting better not worse! Phew...
  • Bad: Weather has been terrible! So I don't get out to the barn because I can't face trudging out to the pasture to find the horses in the storm.
  • Good: He LOVES being in this big open pasture, and the herd seems to get along, and he can run and play and eat all the grass he can yank out of the ground.
  • Bad: I haven't been riding him much at all. The other horse takes priority because I bought her as a training project, and that means a certain level of commitment to make it happen.
  • Good: I found a summer schooling show series that I'm excited about taking him to! I need a goal to get motivated, he needs to get out and about in inexpensive ways this summer so that if and when I can really start showing him I'm not wasting my show fees getting him (and me) over show nerves!
That's a brief run down of our month. More bad weather sadly, but soon an extra hour at night will help motivate me to get out there with enough time to work both horses!

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