Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Taking action

Last night I said another offhand remark to my boyfriend about the pasture horses being fed last and the blankets not being put on. He tends to take a "Let me fix it" approach when I'm more looking for a "Let me whine and complain" reception. But last night his fix it approach got me realizing that I want things to be better magically. I want them to get better because I'm unhappy. I express my unhappiness to all the people that can't make the situation better. I need to take action. I need to step up and say something each time I'm not happy, and either the problem gets fixed or I move my horses. Simple as that. I jokingly told him that if I told the barn owners that I was moving the horses it would be because my boyfriend just can't handle any more of my complaining about the place!

I also realized I can regret and feel guilt until the cows come home, but until I took action and actually got back into the swing of things with Bear nothing would change. So I did. He has an appointment with the vet on Saturday. Check the neck swelling, check his teeth, clean his sheath. The second two are working towards making sure that other stuff is not working against us in the effort to get him in good show condition. The teeth are obvious thing to check since he's still showing just the slightest ribs despite spring grass. The sheath cleaning is the less obvious. It seems to be the solution to his tail rubbing! Being an appy he is pink down yonder, and the pink skin tends to have more issues. So despite my best efforts to keep up with it, I think he's in need of some cleaning up higher in his nether regions, because the tail started to go bare again a few weeks back.

I will also take full advantage of my $150-$300 visit to ask every question I've ever wondered about him. Itchy skin, supplements, feet, sleep patterns, you name it, I've got concerns about it!

Other part of taking action. I spent time with him first tonight! Not as much time as with Lola, but he got the precious outdoors daylight hour. I lunged him out in his pasture for 5 minutes solid trotting or cantering each way. I was trying to get him out of breath. It didn't work, he just got lazy. No coughing though, so that is great news. Then I climbed up on the gate so that I could get on him bareback and we walked all around, and even jogged a bit. He felt great. It never ceases to amaze me how cautious he is to just barely jog every so slowly for me when I'm on bareback, but under saddle he launches into a speed that could challenge a trotter! He is a fantastic horse. My goal with him is to make sure he's back into shape before I sell Lola so that I can launch straight into a training regimen with him. Nothing relieves the absence of a sold horse better than a steady training schedule with another.


smazourek said...

I hate boarding. Unfortunately that's my only option right now. Thankfully my horses are boarded 5 minutes from my apartment so I can reasonably be at the barn twice a day to take care of all their handling and grooming. My barn does some things I don't agree with, there is no hay in the pastures during turnout for one. Not to mention the crazy dog that loves me one week and then tries to attack me the next. I used to like dogs...

tangerine said...

Stumbled upon your blog, it's amazing the things we have in common. Just had to comment. I'm in the process of working a project horse (although my blog deals less with her) and also trying to train my less trained personal 'forever' horse :D

Just wanted to say good for you getting back into things with your horse Bear, it can be hard after some time off (especially when you have to work so hard on the basics) but totally worth it when you get that 'aha' moment.

I've been having issues at my new barn (they're turned out in pasture, which was also coincidentally a swamp for the last few months) with them not leaving feed for my horses when I have them out of the pasture. I made a point with a fellow boarder to call the BO, and make a request to feed my horse after they had neglected to leave me hay, and made the trip out there with hay on top of my car :P. Kinda felt a little snooty, but I get frustrated!

Good luck with the winter woes, and I can't wait to hear more progress.

Feel free to visit : http://bijousadventures.blogspot.com/

TallDarkAndSpotty said...

Smazourek, I have issues with dogs at the barn too... the neighbors fence borders the pasture fence, and every time I go through the gate two enormous pit bulls run to the corner snarling like demon dogs! My horses have had to get dog brave though!

Tangerine, isn't that always funny! I love blogging just because of that! Freakishly similar people living almost the exact same life as me! Its kind a fun! Also, being a French major I LOVE your horse's name!